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Although virtual physiotherapy isn't a new service, it may be new to you. 

And you may have some concerns or questions that need answered before you start treatment. 

Consider our free discovery session option where you will get all of your questions answered by a registered physiotherapist. 

If you decide to start treatment and are not fully satisfied with the experience we'll issue a full refund.

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How Our Virtual Physiotherapy Works:


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Meet Your Virtual Physio Team

We go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable so you can actually enjoy your physio sessions and get back to doing what you love… pain-free.

Everyday, We Help People Just Like You Recover From Injury and Feel Their Best Again:

"Thanks so much for the amazing and encouraging work you do!"

I went into Strive physiotherapy after breaking seven bones in both of my feet, couldn't walk or put weight on my right foot and was in so much pain. Now I'm getting my 10k+ steps in every day and with Mike's treatment and carefully and patiently planned exercises, am almost recovered completely only months later! I recommend Strive for any pain or injury. Thanks so much for the amazing and encouraging work you do!  

Mary Kantor

Source: Unsolicited Google Review

"Over all great experience and amazing service !" 

Amazing physio therapy, my physio therapist was Tyler and he was great always showed me great ex cerise’s for my shoulder pain and even when I thought it wouldn’t get better he kept reassuring me it was gonna get better which was really awesome. He is also very knowledgeable about his profession and very friendly and easy to talk to. Over all great experience and amazing service !  

Jack Hayes

Source: Unsolicited Google Review

"There isnt a better physio place in the tri-cities!!" 

Tyler is wonderful!! My injury was assessed in great detail- explained as such too! He listens so well and is completely engaging. My excersizes were very reasonable to do, and i could do them anywhere, even at work, which was nice! I am so glad I chose to come here. There isnt a better physio place in the tri-cities!!  

Brianna G

Source: Unsolicited Google Review

Does Virtual Physiotherapy Really Work?

Study 2:
 Another study revealed that virtual physio was as effective as in-clinic therapy for improving upper extremity motor control. (source)

Study 3:
A recent study showed that the results for an in-clinic assessment were similar to a telerehab (virtual) assessment. (source)

Study 4:
And this study made clear that participants were highly satisfied with the telerehabilitation exercise program delivered via videoconferencing. (source)

Affordable Treatments

Covered By Many Insurance Plans

Strive's virtual physiotherapy services are tax-free and covered by many insurance plans, so you can keep expenses for therapy to a minimum. Our friendly care team can help you understand your coverage or arrange a flexible payment plan if insurance is not an option. Not sure if virtual physiotherapy is right for you? No problem! Talk to a therapist for free and find out before you start.

What’s included in your virtual assessment?

An extensive assessment of your injury or condition

A review of your medical history and recent test results

A fully personalized physiotherapy plan 

Effective strategies for quick and lasting pain relief 

What’s included in your follow-up sessions?

Digital face to face treatments with registered physiotherapist

Video monitored exercises, stretches, and techniques

An expert to ask questions about your injury

At home recommendations and exercises to do and to avoid 

Guided Therapy Sessions & Regular Check Ins.

Talk To a Therapist For Free 

Find Out If Virtual Physiotherapy Is Right For You. Get All Your Questions Answered.

Or Call Us At: 519-895-2020

Any Device; Laptop, Tablet, Or Mobile Phone.

Convenient Appointment Times.

Covered By Many Insurance Plans.

Just because you've self isolated, doesn't mean you have to live with pain! Using secured online technology, you can video-conference with one of our experienced clinicians who can help you get better, faster - all from home! 

Our Expertise, Your Home.

We help people overcome pain using virtual physiotherapy that’s convenient and cost effective.

Virtual Face to Face Attention From a Registered Physiotherapist 

Expertly Guided Therapy Sessions 

Real Time Feedback Ensuring Exercises Are Done Properly 

Crystal Clear, Step-by-Step Therapy Instructions 

Regular Check-Ins To Achieve Your Therapy Goals 

Accessible From any Computer, Tablet, or Mobile Phone  

The Same Expert Advice You'd Expect at a Clinic, Only Virtual

No special equipment required. A laptop, tablet, or mobile phone with a camera, and an internet connection is all you need to get started. We're using Google Meet technology which allows us to:

  • Perform an accurate assessment of your condition.
  • Determine your range of motion and movement limitations.
  • Evaluate your strength.
  • Recommend proper exercises and stretches and verify they are being done properly.
  • Provide helpful photos and video visuals.
  • Teach you self joint mobilization techniques.
  • Show you how to use perform self soft tissue treatments.
  • Train other people to assist you with exercises and stretches.

The short answer is yes! Virtual physiotherapy is still physiotherapy and is not new. In fact, many studies show how effective remote physiotherapy can be.

Study 1:
 One study showed that activity-based physio has big gains regardless of whether it is delivered via home-based telerehab or traditional in-clinic rehab. (source)

Commonly Asked Questions

Many of our virtual physiotherapy patients have questions before booking.  Here are some of the most common questions we hear:

What Is Virtual Physiotherapy?

Virtual physiotherapy is an online rehab session where you and your physiotherapist communicate over a live video chat via phone or computer.It's the remote delivery of physiotherapy services using online technologies to people from the comfort of their homes.

Who Is Virtual Physiotherapy For?

Virtual Physiotherapy may be suitable for any person who is in need of ongoing physiotherapy services but may be unable to travel to the clinic for in-person care.

Am I a Good Candidate For Virtual Physiotherapy?

Not everyone is a good candidate for this kind of service. It really comes down to your circumstances. The best way to know for sure is to use our free discovery session. You'll speak with a registered physiotherapist directly. Together, you can discuss and decide if virtual physiotherapy is a good option for you before starting any kind of treatment.

When Would Virtual Physiotherapy Not Be Appropriate?

Virtual physiotherapy can provide an option for assessment and treatment when an in-person visit is not possible. It is up to you and your physiotherapist to determine what is best for you, and whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

Will I Still Get Good Quality Care?

Expect to receive the same safe, quality care that you would get during an in-person visit. Physiotherapists are expected to meet the same Standards of Practice regardless of how the services are delivered.

Don't Treatments Have To Be Hands On To Work?

Hands on care has its advantages, but so does virtual physiotherapy. Being that we are focused on movement and exercise quality, our physiotherapy treatment style is already well suited for online rehab. We can watch, modify, and correct exercise and still make modifications to your rehab as needed. We also instruct you on how to perform effective hands on self treatments.

What Equipment Will I Need To Connect With a Physiotherapist?

Not much really. You simply need either a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone with a camera and audio to see and speak with your physiotherapists. You will also need access to the internet. We will provide clear instructions and links to the web conferencing program we use online.

What Equipment Will I Need For My Treatments?

We have purposely designed our virtual physiotherapy program to utilize what you have around your home. Some treatments won't require any assistive devices. Your physiotherapist will guide you through what assisitve devices you can use around your house if required.

Is Virtual Physiotherapy Covered By Insurance?

Yes, many (not all) insurance companies will cover virtual physiotherapy / telerehab services. Our care team will guide you through the paperwork. You can also pay by credit card and e-transfer if coverage is not available to you at this time.

Step 1: Schedule A Free Session

Virtual physiotherapy can be a very effective solution for pain, but it's not for everyone. At Strive Physiotherapy we offer a free discovery session. During this free session we will ask you a series of questions to determine if virtual physiotherapy is a good fit for you, and of course answer any questions you may have. If we're a good fit, we'll schedule a convenient time for your initial virtual assessment.  

Step 2: Welcome Email Is Sent

Following up on our discovery session, you will receive a welcome email containing the date of your initial assessment, a simple medical questionnaire, and clear instructions on how to get connected for your first virtual appointment.  

Step 3: Initial Virtual Assessment

Your first virtual appointment is an initial assessment where a Strive's registered physiotherapist collects important information about your pain and uses it to develop a personalized therapy program. By the end of this session, you will know exactly what is going on, why it's occurring, and how we plan to help fix it. Expect your initial assessment to be around 60 minutes.  

Step 4: Guided Therapy sessions

Each follow up session is about 30 minutes long and are guided therapy sessions which ensure you are doing all the activities and exercises correctly during the course of treatment.  

Step 5: Follow Up

We continue to follow up (even after therapy ends) to ensure you stay on track to maintain your goals.  

PT, BSc, MSc (PT)

"I enjoy coaching local athletes to help improve their performance through MeFit, a local not-for-profit organization."

Michael Major

PT, BSc, MSc (PT)

"I am committed to using open communication and clear patient education to enable clients to accomplish their rehabilitation goals"

Tyler Allen

PT, BSc, MSc (PT)

"I value working with all clients to create the best treatment plan for them."

Amanda MacFadden

PT, BSc, MSc (PT)

"I enjoys lifting weights at the gym, going to music festivals, snowboarding, and going out to restaurants"

Liam Newlands

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